Businesses have moved to the cloud for obvious reasons, and as with anything that’s remotely related to technology, there are concerns that must be addressed. In case of cloud services, applications and usage, the main point of debate is cyber security. More often than not, companies have a hard time understanding and managing the access to data, and that’s exactly where cloud identity management becomes a relevant matter of concern. In this post, we take a look at identity and access management and why it is important for businesses.

The need for identity and access management

As the name indicates, the whole concept of identity and access management is about understanding how the data and information available on the cloud is being accessed by users and employees. Surveys and studies reveal that most of the security breaches can be traced back to employees and staff members, who often have access to data that’s supposed to be classified. With identity and access management, it is possible to keep a tab on these aspects, both on the premise, as well as, beyond it – on the cloud. Cloud-related security concerns, in fact, have forced companies to spend on identity management suites.

Looking at the advantages

Cloud identity management is essentially a part of identity and access management suites. Basically, it empowers the management to check, review, control and monitor rights of access to various cloud resources. Since we are talking of the cloud here, the focus is on ensuring that the benefits extend to diverse devices and operating systems. The management should be able to keep a check on how different people are getting access to the data and from the points they are accessing the same. Depending on what features a suite offers, cloud identity management allows businesses to manage access to all sorts of resources, including access to servers, wi-fi networks, and in-house information. Authentication is an obvious point of attention in this case, and the protocols can be set to ensure that only the intended people get access to relevant information.

Getting help

Today, there are companies that specialize in offering suites for cloud identity management¸ and these utilize the best features and systems that are currently employed for data protection. Also, many of these sync with Azure AD and Azure native API, which means you can control access to enterprise applications, Azure resources and other things. The idea is to understand your immediate concerns and find a suite that offers the most extensive way of governance.

The range of cloud-based identity management technologies has certainly improved in recent years, and there are amazing choices for small and large businesses alike. Regardless of whether your budget permits or not, it is necessary to consider this as one of the best ways to prevent security breaches, as the consequences of not having such a suite can be more complicated. You can check online to find more on the available cloud-based identity management solutions and take a call based on what’s required for your business.

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