Finding the right company to cater to all your phone services needs shouldn’t be left to luck. Unless, of course, you can afford to always make a switch because you aren’t satisfied with the services. This can be quite a hassle and, not to mention, costly for someone on a budget but who’s always on-the-go.

A contract with a service provider can last for several months and even a year. This makes it crucial for you to think twice before making a switch from one service provider to another.

Below are important things to keep in mind before you make a commitment with a new phone service company.

1. Coverage area

None of the flashy services really matters if your service provider can’t give you the coverage that you need. Make sure to check the company’s official coverage maps to see if you have more chances of getting 4G LTE consistently. These maps may not be that accurate but they will give you a good idea on how well-covered your particular area is.

Other than your home location, also check your parents’ house and office as well to ensure you won’t get caught short in signal stakes.

2. Services offered

Wading through all the deals offered by phone service companies is an exhausting chore. Companies know that once they got you hooked, they can keep you for a long time. Don’t get easily swayed and hooked by the sweeteners thrown in by these companies. Take the time to deliberate and choose the best one that offers all the phone services you need.

3. Customer service

A service provider with good customer service is able to accommodate and promptly address all your needs or issues at any given time, especially during emergencies. This is to ensure that you get everything you paid for when you signed the contract. After all, making a customer satisfied with reasonable response times and services adds more points to a company’s reputation.

4. Cost

Switching to another carrier may mean you have to pay off your old mobile device. Make sure to check with your current service provider and ask about the cost of leaving. The news that you’re bailing may give you access to special deals with your current carrier in which you should reassess all offers and costs again to see what makes more sense for you.

Compare prices from other service providers as well and see which one will let you pay the least amount of cash to have you as their customer. Take into account that most of these companies will give you big discounts if you sign up for their family plans. You can save tons of money if you could also get your family to sign up with you.

5. Devices

A phone service provider that includes deals on mobile devices is one to consider if you want to have the best phone. If you want a certain device but can’t afford to pay it in full right away, the service provider may offer it to you through monthly installments. However, be sure to check the interest and ensure you won’t suffer financially in the long run.

6. Reputation

Verify how many years the phone service provider has been in the industry. Then, check the reputation they have gathered over time – whether good or bad. Another way to check their reputation is to find a family member or friend who has been on the network you’re planning to switch into.

Similar to how you read product reviews online, talking to a person you know about your potential new carrier is quite helpful. Don’t forget to also ask about how the cell service is even when abroad.

7. Contract length

Obtaining an attractive deal from a service provider may also entail a contract that could span for two years or more. Unfortunately, this can be troublesome if you feel the need to make a switch later on. Phone service contracts often come with harsh penalties when you plan to get out earlier than intended.

A good service provider will sell you their services without a restrictive contract. They will offer you the best plans without having an ulterior motive.

Make a deliberate choice

Before you come to a decision, remember to take your time and evaluate all options.

Your choice of service provider will be something you have to live with for several months or even years. Take your hard-earned money to a service provider that will give you the best value and deliver what you require.

AUTHOR BIO :- Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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